Tuesday, July 16,2019


As we mentioned in our July 6, 2019 annual meeting, the first phase of the BSL Bike Path is now being installed.  Lake County Road Commission workers have been enthusiastically surveying and trimming trees / brush on both sides of 76th Street from the Marquette Trails Golf Course back toward Mr. Bibbs.  The preparation is for four (4) feet pavement extensions on both sides of 76th Street for biking and walking from the golf course all the way to Mr. Bibbs.


Larry Treece, our BSLA government liaison, indicates that the Road Commission reports good progress and community support for this project.  The Road Commission must work within its 66 foot of right [33 feet each direction from the center of 76th Street] to get this done. Please remember that the Road Commission must take drainage, culverts and runoff angles into consideration.  The Road Commission has spoken to several land owners in the project area and have support for this bike path.


76th Street will be open during the project but traffic will occasionally be restricted to one lane.  As they say, there is always a little pain connected to great progress.  Paving will begin in less than 14 days under the current plan.  Steve Leonard is the lead Road Commission representative on this project.  If you have questions you may call Steve (231) 745-4666.


BSLA is always looking for donations to help with the bike path project.  You may donate if you wish by sending a check to the Road Commission for “The Bike Path Project Big Star.”  The Road Commission has established a line item for this project. Each bike path mile costs approximately $50,000.  We are fortunate that a local family donated most of the first $50,000.  Others have come forward to offer more donations as well. The Road Commission has worked hard to find extra dollars to help assist with the project.  Larry Treece will be meeting with the Road Commission and the BSLA to determine next bike path steps.


Bob Tiggleman

BSLA President