From: Tonello, Mark (DNR)
Subject: Big Star Lake – Walleye


Yes we are continuing to manage Big Star Lake for walleye.  We stocked it in 2017 and 2018, and we’re planning to stock it again with spring fingerling walleye in 2020.  Our last survey didn’t show huge numbers of bass, but there were still plenty.  It is possible that the walleye compete with the bass to some extent, and you are correct in that harvest (or overharvest) can play a role in the bass population of a lake.  Regarding the yellow perch, it is likely that the walleye are preying on the yellow perch and reducing their population to some extent.  One benefit might be fewer, but bigger perch available for anglers.


At this time there’s no need to do anything specifically regarding the walleye stocking.  We plan to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.


I’m assuming you’ve seen this report, but if not here it is:


Hope that helps, and I really appreciate the fishing reports.  Feel free to give out my contact info to your fellow Big Star Lake anglers.


Mark Tonello

Fisheries Management Biologist

Central Lake Management Unit, Cadillac