One Mile Swim Recap

The one mile swim event was held on June 25, 2022.  The course was laid out using current available technology and extended

One Mile Swim Recap2022-06-30T09:28:23-04:00

Adopt a Road

And here's our sign... “in keeping with our commitment to improve the environment in and around Big Star, the BSLA typically does

Adopt a Road2021-10-04T18:57:04-04:00

Big Star Lake Depth Chart 2020

Big Star Lake 2020 Water Depth Map   We thought this 2020 water depth map would be of interest to everyone who

Big Star Lake Depth Chart 20202021-03-06T16:40:22-05:00

Shout Out

For All Your Welding Needs:  Dave Brown Welding-MIG/TIG/ARC/GAS Please call:  231-898-3397   Dave needs a plug for his work on the mile marker

Shout Out2019-06-28T19:57:04-04:00

Blue Half-Mile Markers

The new blue half-mile markers around the lake are the latest project from your Big Star Lake Association. The new half-mile markers

Blue Half-Mile Markers2019-06-29T00:00:52-04:00

Storm Damage

From the President,   A sample of the damage at BSL after last Saturday’s storm.

Storm Damage2019-06-28T19:59:40-04:00
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