About Big Star Lake Association

Welcome to Big Star Lake, a 912 acre all sports-lake nestled in the beautiful Manistee National Forest in Northern Michigan.  Big Star Lake features something for everybody.  From listening to the call of the loons on a quiet morning, plying the pristine waters in search of a multitude of sport fish, or all types of water sports activities.

The Big Star Lake Association (BSLA) was formed the late ’50’s to preserve these waters for generations to come.  The BSLA has worked hard to keep Big Star Lake a place where families come to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Additionally, the BSLA provides opportunities to get involved with activities including boat parade, July 4th fireworks display, golf outing, road run, etc.

The BSLA is a working organization that through a collaborative effort of its membership protects the quality of Big Star Lake.  This is accomplished through an understanding of lake management.  The BSLA Board of Directors and its membership are charged with this goal.

The BSLA was one of the very first associations in Michigan to have it’s own website.  Back in 1995 the first pages were launched and we continue to add and improve!

The BSLA is pleased to welcome you to Big Star Lake and hope you get your feet wet.