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Membership Update:  Calling everybody who loves Big Star Lake!!!

It’s  time to renew your membership and recruit new members to join the BSLA!

We are very excited to announce an enhanced upgrade to our membership processes!  We have created a “member portal” [a button you can push] on our website [which will take you to our member site] through Member Planet.  This member portal will allow BSLA to keep up to date with our members, enhance communication and share information more quickly!

Features include:

  • Secure member portal so that each BSLA member can maintain and update all contact information.  Similar to what we previously collected in paper format,  you will now be able to keep the following information current in the portal:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Mailing address
    • Cottage address
    • Cell phone number
    • Property parcel number (if applicable)

*[Note:  there is a  lot of other information you can  choose to provide it.    The only information required is what is listed above.]


  • We will be able to automatically remind you about the annual membership fee which is due May 1  each year.   You can make payment directly in the portal through a  credit card or ACH transfer.  You may choose to do this manually, or set your account up for automatic renewal each year.
  • All annual BSLA events will also  be accessible through  your personal portal as well as on the website.  We will be able to take online registration and payment for events like  the Road Run, Poker Run and others.
  • We will be able to better communicate  with you through email and text messages for urgent communication, last minute changes to an event or other important information from the BSLA.
  • BSLA Directory: You can adjust your privacy settings to include your contact information in the BSLA directory if you choose, or mark it private.  The choice is up to you!

This is just the beginning.   We will expand functionality down the road.  We are excited about  this new way for all of us to stay better connected.  This will make  it easy for you to get information; connect with others as desired;  keep your membership information current; and pay your annual membership fees.

Finally, we thank you in advance for your patience  as we transition.  Please provide  any feedback.  This member portal has been designed to be easy to join, but if you need support PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out via email at or by phone to Kris White @ (616) 450-9309.  We  can send a step by step set of instructions to assist!  If you would rather pay your membership fee through the mail, that works too!

Most importantly, we hope this new member portal will make it easy for all of us who love and appreciate Big Star Lake, to join the Big Star Lake Association and support all the efforts to protect the lake, wildlife and enjoy a few fun BSLA sponsored summertime activities  with family and friends!

Looking forward to a great summer!