Cruise Big Star

2019 Cruise Around Big Star Lake

Participation in the July 4th weekend boat parade has been dwindling the last several years.  We appreciate all the families who always participate in the boat parade.

We thought we would try to kick start more participation in the “boat parade” this year by having the First Annual Cruise Around Big Star Lake.

When:  Saturday, July 6, 2019

Time:  8 pm ish

What:  All BSL members are encouraged to jump in your water craft for one slow lap around Big Star Lake.

Where do you start from:  Your cottage – get in the line that forms

Where do you end:  Your cottage after one slow lap around the lake and then meet in the middle of Big Star Lake to anchor; hang out; and get ready to watch the fireworks [we suspect there will be some fun as boaters anchor next to each other and hang out waiting for the Fireworks]

What if I want to decorate my boat:  Please do.  We think that would be great.